When someone plans a permanent change or for a significant period of time, there are hundreds of things to do and think about to find the dream property. Nevertheless, of the most important factors is the quality of the private schools in the area in case of having children, or have plans to have them.

Marbella is one of the most cosmopolitan cities on the costa del sol and therefore also has numerous private schools of great renown. If you didn't know this, stay to know more about the private schools in Marbella.

What are the types of schools in Spain?

Before talking about private schools, we must clarify a little what the different types of schools in Spain consist of, which are:

  • Public school: it is a funded educational center 100% by state, managed by municipalities, relevant ministries or entities; in addition to providing a secular education (it is independent of the church) and complete at the level of knowledge.
  • Private school: it is an educational center that does not have a state subsidy, is managed by school administrators of the same school, parents must cover the entire school enrollment and you can choose one of these venues for their specific moral or religious values they offer.
  • Charter schools: it is a combination of public and private schools, I mean, there is a part subsidized by the state but parents must pay some monthly fee. further, the administration and management of these schools is privately controlled.

Some private schools in Marbella

Have you already made the decision to live in Marbella and/or surroundings? For our part, we can recommend many private schools in this beautiful city for the great academic flexibility they offer, variety of languages in which the particular classes are taught and particular values that parents want their children to learn.

Then, we will mention some of the private schools in Marbella that have excellent references:

  • Aloha College: offer all the preparation from primary to secondary, offers internationally recognized baccalaureate diploma and has almost 40 years of experience in education.
  • German School: the complete education cycle is offered and is one of the most famous in Marbella for the number of certifications it has at the level of education, values and language.
  • Alboran College: Being one of the best schools in Spain in the 2018, we can expect pure excellence at the educational level, sporty, cultural and impeccable facilities.
  • EFIM: the French International School of Marbella has only primary education with the best current pedagogical techniques, but it also provides solid foundations in trilingual teaching in English, Spanish and French.
  • Swans International School: as the name says, is an international school with more than 50 years in teaching, provides additional compulsory education in English and its degree is internationally recognized