Real Estate in Marbella - Real estate in Marbella
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Decoration and renovation in Marbella

Decoration and renovation in Marbella

Where style lives

Cristobal Alarcon will be your guide for your decorating project, design, and the indispensable source for anyone who wants a fuller life. No matter if your taste is classic, contemporary, or if you belong to the group of those who love the eclectic. With us you will find the ideal design, balance, ideas, tools and suppliers to decorate and renovate your home with the best style and a competitive price that no one can match.

Your budget, our priority

Our work scheme is simple: the best quality at the hands of carpenters, artisans, technicians and Spanish products with the most competitive price.

Examples of packages

Two bedroom apartment: living, dinning room, furniture for TV, two options for master bedroom, and two secondary bedroom options, since €13.900. For a three-bedroom apartment, since €19.900.

We maintain the quality

Even with these prices, we are able to maintain the quality and design of furniture and other decorative products. With our local team we have advantage in value to run precious decoration projects revalue its investment.

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