Sales FAQ

Spanish banks offer mortgages for both second-hand homes and newly built homes. It is common for most Spanish banks to offer mortgages to non-resident customers., although some banks provide a greater variety of financing packages than others. The common terms they offer are mortgages of 5 a 15 years, to the 70% of the purchase price, around 1 point on current EURIBOR rates. The client must be eligible for the loan, especially when it comes to dealing with monthly payments and the bank will also appraise the property. The appraised value, generally speaking, matches the market value of the property.
Marbella has the latest hospital, modern and with the best regional teams in Spain (Hospital Costa del Sol), in addition to an important selection of equipped clinics and a wide variety of general practitioners and specialists. Several groups offer private health insurance, as SANITAS or DKV. This can cost around € 65 / £ 46 per person per month, depending on your age and the state of your health. Spain's Social Security System now allows residents of the European Union to access the health network through a special form (E-101). For self-employed residents, business owners, or employees, your social security contributions automatically entitle you to the Spanish health network.

In most cases, notary fees range from 500 and 800 €, depending on the value of the property and the number of pages of the contract of sale. If you have applied for a mortgage loan to buy the property, you will also have to pay notary fees for the registration of the title related to the mortgage. Degree registration fees vary, in most cases, among the 300 and 500 €.

Attorney's Fees

Generally, lawyers charge near the 1% of the agreed purchase price plus VAT. In the case of higher-priced properties, this amount can be negotiable.

Mortgage loans

If you get a bank loan in Spain to finance the purchase of your home, such a loan shall be subject to a tax on documented legal acts from among the 0,5 % and the 1 %, depending on the area in which the property is located. The bank granting the loan will require, In addition, that a real estate appraisal is carried out, what it costs between 300 € and 500 €. Most banks also charge an opening fee of around the 1% of the loan amount.