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The 10 best restaurants in Marbella

Marbella is the city that has the best beaches, festivals, luxuries and the best cuisine that can be in all the Costa del Sol. When you are in this Andalusian city, the hardest thing to choose every day, is the type of food and restaurant which go, either for a good lunch, an elegant dinner or tapas with family or friends.

There is a wide variety of restaurants you can visit in your stay in Marbella, everything will depend on what you want to eat. Choices range from burgers, Japanese food, up cuisine of the city and the best tapas bars. Marbella not only known for the excellent quality of its cuisine, but, for the excellent atmosphere and service offering customers.

Lekune Bar Pintxo

Tapas is one of the essential activities of Spanish culture, It involves eating small meals accompanied by a drink, talking with friends and enjoy an excellent social life. Lekune Pintxos Bar has a varied menu of tapas and drinks, but this restaurant fits all customer needs, because not only covers part of lids, but, also they have Mediterranean cuisine for them to enjoy a nice dinner.

We recommend this restaurant as one of the most famous in Marbella it has a good score by guests, Thus, weekends usually have to arrive earlier to get a table.

TORO Burger Lounge

TORO Burger Lounge has a varied menu of normal or veggie burgers, appetizers and salads. Prices range from 11 € to 22 €, the quality and price ratio is consistent, Not to mention that the establishment is comfortable to enjoy a hamburger with the style of Marbella.

For TORO Burger Lounge is important to its customers and its philosophy, They are made for people who love life and appreciate every minute, because not only they offer a hamburger, but, a place where you can meet people, enjoy a beer while listening to good music and to become part of a family.

Sensations Sushi Bar Marbella

When it comes to Japanese food, Sensations Sushi Bar Marbella has a variety of roles for any client adjusting to their needs. The highest priority for this restaurant are its customers and vegetarians have roles for people who do not eat any animal, for people who are not used to eating raw fish or a pregnant woman.

We recommend this restaurant because the prices are in line with each dish, giving options for everyone and a chance to eat the best sushi in Marbella, we must bear in mind that the food is fresh and always tend to surprise the customer when you least expect it.

Paella's and More

No need to go to Valencia to enjoy excellent paella, Paella's and the more you can enjoy the best paellas and Mediterranean cuisine of excellent quality. They offer traditional food, but their main food is the paella, inlaid, grills etc. and have the option of takeaways for customers who want to eat in the comfort of your home. The property features an indoor restaurant for events, a bar and a terrace for clients.

We recommend eating here for lunch, because you can enjoy much better room environment, there are free tables and the food is a bit heavy to eat at night.

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Picasso pizzeria

Pizzeria Picasso it existed 1982 and stands out for its fabulous cocktails, for their fresh pasta and the unmistakable flavor of their pizzas. Although this Italian restaurant is located in Puerto Banus, This is characterized by normal prices as any pizzeria in Marbella. They offer a children's menu and child that is well suited to children under 10 years, as a special promotion cocktail for parents, and shakes for the little ones in the house.

Celebrate a birthday recommend this pizzeria, because in the pack special birthday, They offer a birthday cake and music, to be a moment that will never forget. Also we recommend going early, since it is well known and many people want to eat pizza at Pizzeria Picasso.

Hacienda Patagónica Tapas Grill

In Patagónica Hacienda is a fusion between tapeo, which it is an important part of Spanish culture and grilled meat in Argentina, offering the best of the 2 cultures. Not only offer Argentinean style tapas, they also have a lunch menu for guests wishing to eat a grill, accompanied by a wine and dessert at the end. The letter usually offers incoming, barbeques and sandwiches (sandwiches) at a good price.

We recommend this site because their service is excellent from you enter until you leave with a smile. We also recommend arriving early to get a table on the terrace and fully enjoy tapas with friends or family.

Asador Vovem Promenade

If you love meat, you are in the right place, because it is not just one kind of meat that has Asado Vovem Promenade. Pintxos offer, chop, Kobe beef, cow cured, blonde cow, sirloin and much more. Not only focus on meat, Also they recommend their dry rice seafood, fish, desserts and extensive wine list that has to accompany the dish. This restaurant makes events every so often, are unique experiences that should live there.

We recommend this site for its extensive experience in the area of ​​meat, customer service, food quality and good prices for their. If you want to impress your partner or family, we recommend that you take the Asador Vovem promenade to have a good experience with experts from meat.

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Bar Altamirano

In the historic center of Marbella is the Bar Altamirano, that means that after lunch, dinner or coffee, you have all the historic center to pan and enjoy the full culture of Marbella. This bar offers seafood, Mediterranean cuisine and wines to accompany the fish, perfect place to learn more Malaga if you are a tourist in this beautiful city.

We recommend this place for its location, because it is in the historical district with streets full life from morning until dusk, that will make you feel one more of his family.


Kava is a restaurant where there 10 main dishes that change depending on the season, it is also one of the few restaurants that include a menu especially for vegetarians and vegans people, but without neglecting the taste. The wine list is varied and have all kinds of wines for all tastes. In the dessert section you have a cheesecake that could be the best in Malaga, plus more sweet to end the meal.

One of the advantages why this restaurant is recommended because it is a few meters from the historic center of Marbella, the service is excellent, Restaurant facilities are elegant and the quality of the products they use are good.

Lima 26

Peruvian cuisine is well known for the wide variety of dishes that exist, and the mixture of cultures that are present in it, as the Spanish and French. In Lima 26 They bring all the Peruvian flavor Marbella, with a flawless presentation of the dishes; with a focus on the customer rather warm; and many dishes with a spark of Marbella on them. In the menu there from ceviche to traditional anticucho.

Its location is quite close to the Old Town, you can make reservations and you will not find any other restaurant in Marbella like this. We recommend this restaurant for when you want to try some other dishes with fresh food.